Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Reflecting on progress

                                            REFLECTION ON WORK SO FAR .....

Looking back over the last week and my involvment in the WLT i have had the opportunity of meeting with
Kelly each tuesday for a chat about how my involvement with the trust is going.


  1. Each week we have a chat to discuss how my role in the Gallery is going, this has been positive and Kelly has been supportive i supervising me in my invigallating role 
  2. I have been able to do research on the topic of social issues and kelly is supportive in my ideas about producing issues on the aspects of deforestation within my time at WLT the final outcomes will be Exhibited in the Student spot allocated to me whilst im at the trust I will also see John Burton soon 
  3. Im aware that i hadnt fully understood the need to have the recent work Birds and Bees in at the begining of the week as the exhibition is opening SO am prepared in advance for my work on Hares to be ready well before new exhibition opens.
  4. Also I can email Kelly at any time but seeing her each week seems sufficient at the moment .
  5. May be a possibility of getting involved with setting up next exhibition good for experience! 

AM I FULLFILLING MY ROLE with the trust. 
  1. I have consistantly worked at the Gallery evey tuesday and have fullfilled my role invigalating
  2. I have been producing work in conjunction with Exhibiton themes
  3. My student spot has details of my artist statement and the work I have produced so far
  4. I am learning skills to keep up to deadlines and time managing working on new images that fit in with the trusts themes 
  5. I am researching ideas and looking at the issues that deforestation has on the indigenous peoples and their enviroment iam doing this via stories of contestation on the internet also song lyrics by Bruce Cockburn and band Midnight Oil who look at deforestation issues- these areas looking at protest and issues i have been producing work in my student space at college . 
  6. NEED to do more research on contextualising my work to look at artists IMPORTANT to work on this area as it is lacking in contextualising my work at present .  

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