Tuesday, 9 December 2014



                                          EASTERN SUN RISING
                                        BIRD SONG WAKENS SLUMBERING EARTH

                                         RED BERRIES ON TWIGS


Berry Morning;  Photo yvonne  2011

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

An Artists Alternative Viewpoint


Received link below; an interesting analysis about consumerism from 1955 which still applies today... probably even more so as societies and culture are ever increasingly entrenched or even entranced...dazzled by adverts from tv media, magazines, billboards, shops, etc... reminds me of Artist Barbara Kruger whose work attempts to disrupt this contemporary discourse, allowing the viewer to question the dominant one dimensional media push for a perpetual consumption orientated society which only leaves the individual with the malaise of wanting more of that which can never really or completely satisfy or fullfill our human needs.
Over balance of material consumption seems to numb and rob the individual of the dynamic potential as human beings; which is to be creative from within, to explore,express to communicate and interact with others in a deeper more dynamic fulfilling way.
Have we possibly lost the art of what being human is? are we dehumanised by the trance and effects of consumer materialism?
However as mentioned earlier Barbara Kruger's work enables us to consider an alternative; through challenging our viewpoint.  Images photomontage, I Shop therefore I Am and Remote Control by Barbara Kruger.





Monday, 10 November 2014

Continuation in exploring and developing pastel techniques in portraiture

Over the last few weeks I have continued to develop skills in drawing portraits with a model.
Our tutor is inspirational and encourages to push our skills; greatly focusing on detail.
We have a new model every three weeks I have been keeping a more in depth photo diary... the recent  model is particularly interesting...her vibrant dotty top added an extra challenge and is visually stimulating.
Liz is enabling me to develop an awareness toward deepening my observational skills concerning proportion, colour, light, and shadow... the images are a work in progress.


Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Russell's 'Brand' of Politics

Over the last year and especially in recent weeks Russell Brand, Comedian and of late orator on political issues, has been creating a bit of an exciting stir on his youtube blog, the news, and last week on prime time TV.
Russell held his ground in an interview with Newsnight anchor Evan Davis, whom Brand led on a merry dance concerning contemporary socio-political issues.
It is totally refreshing and amazing to see and hear on TV the truth about matters that concern all of us which are rarely brought out into the open, the public is never given chance to hear an alternative message other than the tightly controlled top down  narrative ....
German Sociologist Philosopher Herbert Marcus discussed this in his book 'One Dimensional Man' when he said, "One dimensional thought is systematically promoted by the makers of politics and their purveyors of mass information, their universe of discourse populated by self validating hypotheses which incessantly and monopolistically repeated become hypnotic definitions of dictations.' This sums up so well what we see and hear via mass media, the one dimensional portrayal fed to the public giving no alternative. So hearing Russell Brand raise these issues was incredible, 'Yes' he is a man on a journey toward better understanding as we all are but he is reading, listening and identifying with the poor and marginalised. That's a pretty good start! Next book to read could be his 'Revolution'.


Marrcuse, H. (1991) One Dimensional Man, London, Routledge.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

The last few weeks....

Into the sixth session of a 12 week portraiture course in Norwich with tutor Liz Balkwill,
going back to my roots in developing and improving techniques...here are some sketches charcoal and pastel work being developed at the moment...



Friday, 26 September 2014

Reflecting on the Iceland trip

Back from our Iceland trip...moments to remember

It was a tremendous adventure and a stimulating cultural experience being in Iceland even from the moment the plane took off. We were lucky enough to sit next to Porhildur an Icelandic lady, who we had the opportunity to gain lots of helpful tips from first hand, about the culture what to look out for and things to do!! thank you Porhildur!
The people are very amiable both interesting and interested so we hit the ground running when we got to Reykjavik!.
Reykjavik is a very quaint city I loved the buzz and atmosphere the people are laid back and friendly, it has a vibrant cafĂ© culture, with cosy cafes such as Babalou, and bar's ( 0ne called the big Lebowski ! yes same name as the film!) and resteraunt's such as Glo a veggie one, with tasty soups of varying types.
It felt a safe and chilled out place to explore I loved its quirkiness, created by the cosy houses, which were colourfully painted in reds, greens, blues all colours!.
A trip out into the amazing wilds with a great tour guide lots of interesting information about Icelandic culture- stories of it's history, volcano eruptions!!, (not Bardarbunga) hot thermal springs and huge waterfalls... interesting info such as in Iceland they grow... bananas...well I didn't know that!... The word Geysir is a place where the main hot springs show fantastical eruptions from the ground Geysir is now a known name given to all hot spring eruptions.
The strong Icelandic horse is the only breed of  horse here no other breeds are permitted and once if a horse leaves the island it is no longer permitted back, this keeps the horses free from external disease.
The land scape is awe inspiring its vast, wild, and desolate yet at the same time is hauntingly beautiful, this was a trip to remember.
We stopped off at main highlight places it was a 6 hour trip but so interesting it was worth every moment as you will see in the photos we even passed over where the north america and eurasia plates meet - where the ground has dramatically sunk, our guide gave us a fascinating talk on this we actualy saw this! one thing I have come away with is my impression of how connected to nature that Icelandic people seem to be, because of the rawness, its ruggedness and the unpredictability that volcanoes can erupt it's what the people live with it made me aware of how disconnected one can be from the elements in nature ...if you have seen the film Oblivion it gives you some idea of the ruggedness... as Oblivion was filmed in Iceland.
To me Iceland has become my favorite island in the sea! the people, culture, and nature, made this a great experience !! Now having experienced it I hope to create some art work in the future...I would love to go back one day.
That same evening we went on a Northern Lights hunt tour, alas though there were yells of delight from us all at the first sighting of the lights, they didn't stay and hid from us which in one sense brings me back to reality... that man can't control nature or get all s/ he wishes! I have come home with so many questions too! things to research and find out about...even things that seem a bit trivial like  becoming aware that the only birds I saw were starlings ,are there sparrows and blackbirds in Iceland? ( I am a bird fan thanks to my dad when I was a kid ) and there seemed to be a lot of images of crows in shops any way enough rambling here's some photos....



Saturday, 13 September 2014


Up and coming northern lights.... 

Soon flying out to Reykjavik hoping to catch a glimmer of the  Northern lights and other natural phenomenon's ! and to bring back some photo images for the blog...having said that 300 miles away from Reykjavik the Bardarbunga Volcano continues to erupt !! so will have my camera at the ready! be back next weekend ttfn.

Aurora Borealis

  by: Nellie Seelye Evans (????-1929)


There is a flower of climate rare
That never bloomed for me,
I searched the wood, I searched the moor,
I robbed the emerald sea.

Alone upon an icy coast,
By Arctic's hem it grows,
Its beauty is intoxicant
To those who brave the snows.

But when the Bear shines clear and high
I dream of Polar night.
Wherein this wondrous flower blooms
In sheaves of rainbow light.             

   More poems by Nellie Seelye Evans

Read more at http://www.blackcatpoems.com/e/aurora_borealis.html#VuXawHVmZSoPAFJp.99

Monday, 8 September 2014



Over the last week

I have been simultaneously looking ahead and taking stock of the art work that I have produced over the last few years, it's valuable to see a pattern emerging from the work, most of which is based around my tendancey to respond to situations, particularly socio-political issues, or a story that in someway catches my attention - that I have felt a connection with, which has then stimulated me to create work. One of those moments emerged after researching the story of Chico Mendes; a courageous Brazilian man who stood up for the rights of Brazilian rubber plant workers in the 1960s - 70s ( this can be read on a previous blog) the paintings medium is acrylic
Chico Mendes and the Brazil nut Tree
The image also has the famous Brazil nut tree; a symbol of Brazil.
The tree is classed as protected so when deforestation occurs it is illegal to cut or burn it down, ironically it does eventually die because of the destruction to the eco system around it... The tree cannot grow in many other places because it needs a certain type of bee and orchid for it to pollinate Brazil nut's are incredibly nutritious containing selenium which aides wellbeing... This image came into being through this story. the intension of painting it blue was done as a symbolic reference point and an act in recognition of the chaos caused by deforestation, also as a poignant reminder of the cause and effects upon the rain forest by man.

Another piece of work created was in response to the plight/reaction of the indigenous peoples facing imminent displacement from their ancestral home, where they have lived for generations. The image shows a family group taken from a photo image and worked in charcoal the use of charcoal being significant as it is made from burnt /charred wood.

The last image in acrylic and mixed media was created in response to researched images of the devastation created by fires used in deforestation.The image shows the smouldering remains and aftermath of fire.

These works were informed by my work and collaboration with the World Land Trust in 2013, I hope to show other work developed in the next blog.