Thursday, 2 February 2017

"Art, Undeniably, is conductive to happiness." unknown (1)

Good morning!

Recently I was reflecting on the diversity of mediums that can be used in order to create work and how through inspiration of experiences being stirred - and a specific medium chosen - in partnership together become instrumental in the creation of an art work. 

I enjoy the process of finding a way to visually express a moment or experience that has in some way caught the attention of my imagination .......

Below are a collection of print works produced; mainly inspired by nature and a project I was working on with the World Land Trust in 2013 my work is also influenced by the local marsh land in Suffolk ; along with studies of the human figure  - The main print techniques I explore are Linocuts, etching, and collagraph works.

Studies of Hares etching
Shadow Boxing collagraph

Song Thrush etching

Bumble Bee etching

Shoreline impression from collagraph

Urban Traces I collagraph and watercolour

Urban Traces II -collagraph and watercolour

Urban Traces Series-collagraph and watercolour

Walney Island -linocut

Home to Roost I - linocut

Fabulous Mr Fox- linocut

Home to Roost II - linocut

Eastern Sun Rising - collagraph

"If I were called upon to define briefly the word Art, I should call it the reproduction of what the senses preceive in nature, seen through the veil of the soul." Paul Cezanne (2) (1-2)