Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Delighted! - Rainforest Application - Accepted

 A picture is a poem without words-  Horace.

  If a tree falls in the forest....coming exhibition...
Student work 2013 pastel and charcoal.

Starting out as an artist can be a daunting experience - in some ways... I am beginning to understand and realise how vital it is to have an inner drive and a long term focus is needed, along with a belief that what you are doing is a valid expression on a personal creative level -  as making art is fundamentally a cathartic experience - yet it can also reveal an emerging pathos - insomuch that there is an enabling of the self to connect make sense of and identify with the world around.

One could define creating visual art is a form of visual articulation- a voicing of one's experiences visually and at times a baring of one's soul to in order to make sense of life's experiences. This includes thinking of and researching ideas until their eventual coming into being.
Georgia O'keeffe apt response as an artist resonates - " whether you succeed or not is irrelevant there is no such thing - Making your unknown known is the important thing - Greorgia O'keefe

Along with making art comes a sense of sharing these visual experiences; I suppose there is always a hope that the work will resonate with others- that their response would be to identify in someway. Or not?....I appreciate this artist's perspective ...."Don't think about making art just get it done let everyone else decide if its good or bad..(..)...while they decide make even more art ! Andy Warhole.

In the July 2016 I have my first challenging exhibition; having applied to a Gallery I was accepted to exhibit the Rainforest Exhibition. "If a tree falls in the forest" this will be a culmination of previous works and current development of works based on the effects of deforestation in Brazil. A response from my 'outsider' perspective.

Chico Mendes and The Brazil nut Tree
The ideas for this project-work came into being through  time as a 2nd year student when collaborating with the World Land Trust - It has become something of a catalyst - and an ongoing project.
Student space working on ideas2013

Through my time at WLT I was able to research passionate artists, writers, quotes, stories- culminating in a deeper understanding of the consequences caused by deforestation on the land, wildlife, fauna and people groups, I started to identify with the concerns of eco-damage caused by fire deforestation.
Previous blog posts show the journey.

This week I meet with the gallery to plan the exhibition- there is a sense of anticipation, awe, trepidation. The experience will be valuable to me.
Below are some works that will probably be exhibited there....

The works that are created as part of this project are not for sale - and are exhibited with the intention of highlighting and conveying to the viewer issues surrounding the deforestation, the depletion of natural resources and the challenge this brings to our planet... 

The charcoal work shown below is based on researching the effects of deforestation upon indigenous people groups....titled Displacement II .
In this charcoal drawing - I use the medium of charcoal to emphasise and highlight the plight of the indigenous people groups particularly when deforestation by fire occurs -the concept of using charcoal in this way enables me to identify and represent visually the issues being faced ... In effect - I use the 'charred remains' of wood charcoal to represent and symbolise these issues within the work.

Displacement II Charcoal yf 2013

Mourning After I Acrylic mixed yf 2015 
Displacement I Acrylic 2013, yf