Tuesday, 23 February 2016

ARTFINDER: Rustic II by Yvonne Forster - Rustic II, part of a series - This abstract pai...

ARTFINDER: Rustic II by Yvonne Forster - Rustic II, part of a series - This abstract pai...

Rustic I and II, part of a series - These abstract paintings are an exploration of textures and contrasting colours- texture is a strong artistic element which can determine the out come of a work - texture enables a personal interaction and reaction to the materials with paint- giving this abstract painting its unique originality.
Texture activates the imagination enables experimentation to take over... applying acrylic paint creates an energetic dynamic between materials and paint where one becomes aware of the precarious nature of the unknown and the surprising effects that are then revealed. By using the contrasting colours of turquoise and rustic oranges creates works that are energetic, lively..


Monday, 8 February 2016

new works collagraph and watercolour...Urban Traces

Description of Urban Traces ....
This work was inspired by recent colours found in nature. Shades of vivid green shoots now have started to appear- even the odd daffodil or two emerging from their wintery sleep, as they grow in a nearby church yard; This illuminating how the manmade and natural world can thrive in the same space.
In Urban Traces I, I have combined the colours of nature and manmade materials, by using watercolour as the backdrop to print collagraph plate on top. Various manmade substances such as plastics,textured card, sand paper, string, hessian, and fabrics were used along with imprints from manmade objects.
Although the original collagraph was made in 2011 as part of a project 'Journeys' , seeing the recent colours in nature inspired me to consider and explore these ideas and create Urban Traces.

All the above works can be found on artfinder .com
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