Friday, 17 July 2015

Up and Coming Exhibition

Over the last few weeks I have drawn together a collection of works from an ongoing project looking at various aspects of the Rainforest. This is for an August Exhibition to be held at a local library.

The exhibitions focuses on two aspects - celebrating the diversity of plants, fauna, and trees within Rainforests (utilising photos taken whilst at the Eden Project) and through the mediums of painting,  charcoal drawings giving attention to the toll and impact of deforestation in the Amazon.
The exhibition also includes paintings produced while working with The World Land Trust as a former student. It was during this time that I first became aware of the detrimental effects of deforestation in the Rainforests across South America; the effects on indigenous people groups, wildlife, insects, plants. This knock on effect is a destabilising of the global eco-systems. There is a well known saying 'Trees are the Lungs of our planet' true.
Some of these works also consider the issues of displacement after deforestation and the plight of Indigenous people.

 Image -Zesty Leaf lit by sunlight (sale)
Consider a flower...

 Image - Vibrant Yellow Flower  (sale)

Delicate Clusters of Purple Flowers (sale) 
Image Exotic and Intricate designs of
  a Pastel Pink Flower (sale)


Past works Inspired by time at The World Land Trust
A New World? Acrylic Collage ,Semi-Abstract. 2013.
yf. NFS = (Not For Sale items)
Forest, Civilization, Dessert. Acrylic Collage. 2013 yf NFS
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Displacement I. Acrylic Collage. 2013. yf  NFS

Displacement II. Charcoal.2013.yf  NFS

Recent Paintings depict - Mourning the scars inflicted upon the land
Mourning After I. Acrylic Collage.2015 yf NFS

Mourning After II. Acrylic. 2015 yf. Included in sale

Mourning After III. Acrylic. 2015 yf . Included in Sale

Also works for sale with donation going to The World Land Trust

Song Thrush Etching 2013 yf.

 Bumble Bee on Clover Etching and Ink 2013. yf

The Old Buck. Linocut. 2013yf

 Enhanced Photo image taken of Icelandic waterfall set on
 Acrylic 2014 yf 
Oracle Acrylic Collage (PART) 2013 yf 

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Diverse richness of the Rainforest.

Indigenous painting at the Eden Project
To put your hands in a river is to feel the chords that bind the earth together - Barry Lopez, author (1)

Just living is not enough... one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower - Hans Christian Anderson(2)

If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe then man would only have four years of life left. No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man - Albert Einstein (3)
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Here are more images of Rainforest trees, plants, flowers, taken at the Eden Project... 
Interesting textures
It is amazing to realise more and more how diverse and complex the Rainforests are and how important ... With over half the worlds species of plants, animals, and micro-organisms alone living there...yet the threat that it could be severely damaged  by deforestation seems to easily pass us by.
It is estimated we are losing everyday-137plant, insect, and animal species.
Numerous pharmacy drugs are derived from plants with a staggering 25% derived from rainforest ingredients...
As much as 80% of the developed world's diet astonishingly originates from tropical rain forests...which includes, fruits, veg, spices, nuts
black pepper
chocolate, cinnamon, cloves, coffee, ginger, vanilla, sugarcane, brazil and cashew nuts...

Amazingly it is estimated there are 3000 fruits to be found in the rainforest with a 200 used/known in developed countries. With Indigenous peoples knowledge and understanding they are able to use an estimated 2000. 

Exotic Plants
Brilliant colours with glossy texture

Subtle pastel shade


Contrasting textures

Abundance of tiny flowers in clusters
(2)
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