Thursday, 14 July 2016

Preparing for the 100 Square Feet Exhibition

 Hello and thank you for visiting!...

 At the moment I am focussing on work towards an exhibition at the end of August called 100 Square Feet the Gallery has 100 artists participating each artist has the challenge of making 101 pieces of art work that will be shared amongst the artists. The 15x15cm works will be placed into 100 square boxes to be given to each artist at the end of the show.... with the 101st piece of work being auctioned  the proceeds then going to charity ...Along with the 101 art works each artist has been allotted a square block of wood with which to create an art work for the exhibition this has to be completed by mid August I am thinking of ideas for this at the moment...

I have been working on my 101 pieces just completed today...the last 30 were a struggle to say the least! For these works I recycled old art work that I did at College cutting them into 15x15cm pieces and reworked them adding colour and lines of gold leaf...I had a struggled to know what to name the work threads ...lines 3 lines...then thought of Altered Images simply because that's what they are -here's a few images of the works

My messy paintbox

Some of the 101 works 15x15cm Recycled art....'Altered Images' 2016 yf

Works below some of the recycled work

Time is moving on soon will be the exhibition 'Viewing Changing'...two watercolour images are just about finished...just a few tweaks here and there also finalising one more large abstract acrylic image ...below also the final of  part of the series-  Mourning After V 

Natures Gems- Tree Frog,  Watercolour 2016 yf

Natures Gems- The spangled cortanga

Nearly finished works in preparation for exhibit

Various pieces of art ...the water colours now have to be
mounted yf 2016

Final image part of abstracts Mourning After V 2016 yf

Using photo images from a trip to the Eden Project as reference