Wednesday, 19 November 2014

An Artists Alternative Viewpoint

Received link below; an interesting analysis about consumerism from 1955 which still applies today... probably even more so as societies and culture are ever increasingly entrenched or even entranced...dazzled by adverts from tv media, magazines, billboards, shops, etc... reminds me of Artist Barbara Kruger whose work attempts to disrupt this contemporary discourse, allowing the viewer to question the dominant one dimensional media push for a perpetual consumption orientated society which only leaves the individual with the malaise of wanting more of that which can never really or completely satisfy or fullfill our human needs.
Over balance of material consumption seems to numb and rob the individual of the dynamic potential as human beings; which is to be creative from within, to explore,express to communicate and interact with others in a deeper more dynamic fulfilling way.
Have we possibly lost the art of what being human is? are we dehumanised by the trance and effects of consumer materialism?
However as mentioned earlier Barbara Kruger's work enables us to consider an alternative; through challenging our viewpoint.  Images photomontage, I Shop therefore I Am and Remote Control by Barbara Kruger.


Monday, 10 November 2014

Continuation in exploring and developing pastel techniques in portraiture

Over the last few weeks I have continued to develop skills in drawing portraits with a model.
Our tutor is inspirational and encourages to push our skills; greatly focusing on detail.
We have a new model every three weeks I have been keeping a more in depth photo diary... the recent  model is particularly interesting...her vibrant dotty top added an extra challenge and is visually stimulating.
Liz is enabling me to develop an awareness toward deepening my observational skills concerning proportion, colour, light, and shadow... the images are a work in progress.