Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Drawing is still basically the same as it has been since prehistoric times. It brings together man and the world. It lives through magic.Keith Haring.

Be Happy Moment! Air drawing by plane! Photo by yvonne forster

Traveller, pastel on board by yvonne forster, 2018

Reconnecting with drawing skills...besides being a cathartic 'magical' experience is also the foundation and channel through which to explore and express facets of ones humanity through creativity: A journey of the  inner life connecting with the outer world...stimulated through a combination of contemplation and observation resulting through the physical act.

This deliberate act of drawing creates space through which to illuminate many facets of the material world; the interactions of shape, form, light, shadow, texture and patterns all come into play.

In a recent project, I focused on exploring the journeys we take on public transport. Initialy study sketches whilst travelling by train, I created a series of  larger scale drawings titled, 'Travellers' through which I went on to produce lino cut images, titled ,'Worlds Apart' exploring the internal and external worlds in which we experience, exist and journey.  

Travellers, Graphite on Paper, by yvonne forster 2018

The Revellers Graphite on Paper
by yvonne forster.2018 
Traveller Graphite on Paper, 2018, by yvonne forster
Traveller, Grapite on Paper, 2018.by yvonne forster
Worlds Apart, linocut , by yvonne forster,2017

Worlds Apart, linocut, by yvonne forster 2017

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