Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Initial drawings...leading to outcomes

Drawing is still basically the same as it has been since prehistoric times. It brings together man and the world. It lives through magic. Keith Haring.

Be Happy Pollutant Moment! ?? captured, Air drawing by plane!
 Photo by yvonne forster 2016

Traveller, pastel on board by yvonne forster, 2018

A current ongoing project, Worlds Apart and Travellers.

From an ecological perspective, I have been focusing on exploring the journeys we take by public transport for over a year. The initial study sketches made whilst travelling on the train, then emerged into a recent series of  larger scale drawings titled, 'Travellers' based on the original sketches. I also produced lino cut images, titled ,'Worlds Apart', in 2017 as an ongoing exploration of the internal and external worlds which we experience in contemporary life travel. Through these series of works, I also consider human manipulation and exploitation of the natural order of things. By taking into account the pollutant effects of industrialisation caused by human activity on nature, I explore the impacts - of current trending issues. Raising questions such as; "What will the consequences lead to in the over exploitation of nature"?  "How to become more reflective and aware of the strain our planet bears in the hands of humanity"? and "Could we imagine an alternative way of sustaining the Earths natural resources from new perspectives"

Albeit inadvertently, nature is used as commodity. Due to this it has lead to an increasing detached, passive and insouciant response toward the natural world. Which somehow needs a solution.

Aldo Leopolds, philosophy of 'respect' for nature is encapsulated in his response ; that we abuse land when we regard it as a commodity, 'belonging to us' . But when we start to realise and see land as 'community' of which we are a apart and belong to, we may begin to use it with far deeper concern and respect...

                                             Sketch study of woman on train journey graphite
                                                      by yvonne forster

   Traveller on a journey graphite, 2018
                by yvonne forster  

   Traveller on a journey, graphite, 2018
                  by yvonne forster  

                                                 Traveller on a journey, graphite, 2018
                                                      by yvonne forster

                                 Study of objects Graphite on paper by yvonne forster 2018

The Revellers, Graphite on Paper
by yvonne forster.2018

Traveller, pastel work on card by yvonne forster 2018

Worlds Apart, linocut , by yvonne forster,2017

                                           Worlds Apart, linocut, by yvonne forster 2017

                         Worlds Apart, combined images into one work, Linocut
                                                             by yvonne forster 2017

This exploration with drawing skills...Besides being a cathartic 'magical' experience it is also a foundation and a channel through which to explore and express facets of the human experience. The creative act becomes a journey an immersion - of the inner life connecting to the outer world...Being stimulated by a combination of  contemplation and observation, it is then finally expressed through the physical act .

The deliberate act of drawing, creates space through which to witness. It's a communication of representations of the material world, through exploring the interactions of shape, form, light, shadow, texture and patterns all come into play and leave their residue Anon

                Aldo Leopold author of ' A Sand County Almanac' 1949 Oxford University Press                                               (pharphrased ideas)
        Read more at: https://www.brainyquote.com/topics/drawing

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