Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Creativity, Passion and Explorations

Creativity And Explorations

The process of exploration and experimenting with a diverse range of techniques and mediums is often the catalyst through which new possibilities evolve,  emerge and unfold.

This series of works, Tropical Abstracts, has given me the chance to explore and experiment with digital photography. By exploring ideas which consider the impact of human activity upon the natural world my intention is to also highlight the inadvertent alienating effects upon humans - caused by disengagement from the land and other life forms as we reduce the environment to commodity.

Taking a photo image of a butterfly I played around with ideas abstracting the insect from the background in order to highlight that as a consequence of man's abstracting of nature not only do pesticides kill targeted insects but all other insect life also. The impact of pesticides has spread to such a degree that they adversely effect much fauna and flora rendering nature into its current precarious state. Ideas that Rachel Carson explored and discussed in her seminal book 'Silent Spring'. 

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