Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Working on ideas based on deforestation issues

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Today I worked in my studio space spent time working on ideas; I have been researching over the last few days focussing on aspects of the effects of deforestation particularly on indigenous people groups.
   In 2010, a protest march in london was based around the plight of deforestation in Borneo. Also yesterday whilst talking with Kelly ; part of WLT -she mentioned how in Paraguay a  section of the indigenous people, were unable to make fire due to the methods they used down through the generations due to deforestation had been taken away. 
I also had read how indigenous people had been displaced into campsites away from their ancestoral homes ( in years past) so that european colonists could then claim the land  as theirs. This reveals the extent of disempowering that went on and still does today.

Also a book has been recommended to me called 'Fight for the forest' So there will be plenty of research going on I hope to incorporate what I discover and learn  into images that depict the plight of Indigenous peoples, where issues of deforestation occur. 

I have started working on sketches and drawings based around the lyrics of IF A TREE FALLS IN THE FOREST DOES ANYBODY HEAR.......

SYMBOLISM....within my work today......
in a main image I worked with charcoal ( burnt WOOD with symbolic connotations  ) sketching and drawing and using red oil pastel this was quite effective and I felt using the charcoal representing the burnt wood and red pastel representing Blood (sacrifice and destruction of the tree was quite apt) so the mediums and the colour play a part within the image symbolicly .............. I must incorporate images in my blog but my 

camera is playing up at the moment .... Robin gave me a tutorial I think he was happy to 

see me getting back on track in dealing with socio-political issues  .... along with using my art as a tool to express a message.

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