Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Hows it all going? a look over the last week....SONG Lyrics..

THE ABOVE ..... web address directs you to an amazing band called Midnight Oil and a song based on the havoc caused by deforestation of the RainForests along with listening to to song you can watch the video that shows the grim reality that is going on globally causing in some situations irrevocable damage to ecosystems give it a watch it is a challenge to each of us,


Another musician to look at is the above you tube song if a tree falls in the forest does anybody hear??
this also is accompanied by a video of deforestation .....the above songs and videos have given me ideas to produce visual imagery that i hope will fit into my studio practice when looking at the effects of deforestation on the wildlife plant life and the toll it has on local indigenous people groups as Bruce Cockburn sings .......
If a tree falls in the forest..... does any body hear...
Today  I went into the WLT to do a morning voluntary work in the Gallery I found it an interesting experience in the fact that it gave me opportunity to see the other side of how a Gallery operates and the behind the scene elements... the theme for this month is BIRDS and BEES there is an array of wonderful artists works that depicts this theme. As a student WLT have been given a Student Spot for my work to be displayed whilst I am doing my Professional Practice with them there is also written detail about my work on display I have four images of work up. An abstract piece and three images based on the theme Birds and Bees . My work consists of a song Thrush etching and ink and a Honey Bee etching and ink lastly a small reduction linocut abstract called 'flight of the Bumble Bee' a point I need to be aware of for next month is that the work needs to be ready a week before..... NEXT months theme is HARES  I am looking to produce  drawings and a collagraph  possibly watercolour but I dont always find watercolour that easy so will see.
Just also would like to mention here that part of my proposal with WLT is to do painting especially in mixed media as I intend to do a commission piece as a donation (Also donating theme works for march and April)
the paintig will be inspired by landscape as said in my PREZI I am looking at Paul Cezanne and David Hockney i intend to look at other artists
 WHAT ELSE....... having had my presentation last week and a question discussion time afterwards with the students, Robin and Jane about my collaboration and proposal it was mentioned a need to consider if it fit into my Prof Practice ?????? well to a degree.... I think it does if I am using the art as a tool for a  fianancial resource for the trust to benefit from ....... and I like the idea of my work benefiting a great cause such as this and it is lovley to do images of the themes but ... I guess looking at it from the aspect of work I have been producing I understand others views on this matter.....So I have spoken to Kelly from WLT and asked if I could add onto the Proposal a chance to produce work that depicts the impact that deforestation causes on the indigenous people and for the work to be hung for a certain time in the student spot kelly was very accommodating of this idea but did emphasis WLT is a conservation.

I hope to add some images soon ......

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