Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Exhibition. "If a tree falls in the forest does anybody hear?"

"All that is born on this planet has a right to live on it." Franz Krajcberg (2)

 A second Exhibition at the Halesworth Library is underway: Building on the previous one it endeavours to be a continuation of developing work for this project on deforestation.. It celebrates the diversity of wildlife and plants considering the effects and challenges for the Rainforests when deforestation occurs.

The artworks again draw together these concerns, particularly in 'We Are Making A New World ' inspired by Paul Nash's influential works, which he produced as a war artist. His images stemmed from the impact of bombing upon the peoples and landscapes of Europe...his significant works can resonate as we see the impact of deforestation upon the Rainforest's inhabitants; people, land, flora and fauna. This results, for example, in the consequentiality of irrevocable loss of precious plants - such as the 'Periwinkle' known and discovered for its medicinal properties - aiding against childhood Leukemia. (3)
The richness of plants still yet to be discovered now endangered by rapid deforestation's eventual impact upon the eco-systems seem far away, out of sight out of mind from our everyday lives, highlighting the words ..."If a tree falls in the forest....

The work Forest, Civilisation, Desert, derives from a quote..."Forests precede civilizations and deserts follow them."  By Francois-Rene de Chateaubriand - who in 19th C experienced the impact and rise of mass industrialization and the decimation of European forest that 'fuelled' the industrial revolution... Chateaubriands words still resonate a hundred years on with the same sentiments concerning the voracious deforestation of Rainforests by civilized man who seems unaware of the eco-consequences for future generations.
Originally from Poland Brazilian Artist Franz Krajcberg's  sentiments resonate here as he observes the modern world...artistic thinking confirms with sorrow that contemporary society is a commercial machine'... (2)
Krajcberg's Exhibiton in1989 was critically article in Manchete said " The exhibit awakens the Brazilian to the holocaust of nature"(2a). Another stating how the impact of Mr Krajcberg's "Amazon Cemetery" had caused some to cry. (2a)
In the Interview Krajcberg says "My culture is nature. My work is nature. I must continue to defend nature." and "Art must be for participation."  (2a)

The approach to the exhibition's work is twofold- a celebration of nature's diversity and fine balance of eco-systems whilst also informative - giving expression and considering the dilemmas and impact of Rainforest deforestation. A compelling challenge to myself - an aligning with the issue, heightening awareness, seeing the bigger picture...the consequences and toll of deforestation. Finally it is said 'trees are the lungs of our planet.' this concerns all living creatures present and future.

Franz Krajcberg's wise words  could resonate here..." I walked through the forest and discovered life...when with nature I think the truth, I speak the truth, I demand myself to be true.When I look at it, I feel in rhythm with birth, death, life's continuity." (2) -art-as-a sword-to-defend-brazil-s-forests.html (2a)   in interview by leon kaplin.(2)  (1)

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